Office Furniture: Quick Tips


Are you setting up a new office and scared of navigating the world of office furniture? Don’t fear! Furnishing an office can be surprisingly easy and inexpensive. All you need is some common sense and a few tricks of the trade.


First, decide what you’ll use your office for.

This first step is the most important, because it will inform your entire approach to buying office furniture Melbourne. Will you be using the office to meet with potential clients, or to get work done, or a combination of the two? Are you an accountant or lawyer who basically needs only a computer with an extra screen or two, or are you a creative (architect, designer) who needs lots of space to draw or compare visuals? Make sure you have a clear picture of what you intend to do in the office before you set out to buys desks and chairs.


Find the right desk.

The variety of desks out there can be confusing: wooden, metal, plastic, standing desks, regular ones. The list goes on and on. Make sure you invest in one appropriate for your needs. If you’ll be meeting with lots of clients, appearance is important. If you’re a creative, a roomy tabletop is key. Regardless of what you’ll be doing, drawers are almost always a plus.


Invest in the appropriate chair.

You’ll likely be spending lots of time in your office, so make sure your chair is comfortable! Bear in mind that some CEO chairs are not meant to encourage desk work–you’ll know because they recline and are actually quite uncomfortable to work in. Make sure you try it out in the store before purchasing.


Don’t forget storage space.

Your desk should come with drawers, but you should also invest in bookcases to showcase not only books, but also awards, picture frames, etc. This can be a great motivator to get work done, and also a great conversation piece if you need to meet with clients in your office.